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International Sommelier LLC Wine Education Classes are offered to the trade and public.
Classes are held at most Atlantic City Casino locations.
A Class can be brought to you on a one on one basis.
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International Sommelier LLC

Sommelier Master Classes and Awards

Level 1 Basic Wine:

Introductory level Sommelier Course & Exam $2,495.00

The level 1 basic wine Sommelier Course & Exam is the first of 3 required steps to become an International Master Sommelier.
Learn basic wine knowledge, how wines are made, basic wine service, how to taste wine, multi blind tastings. Proper glassware.
All major wine producing countries covered in this 5 part course. 
5 classes 4 hrs per session.
The principles of enology (wine making) will be examined, including history, grape growing, chemistry, wine microorganisms, fermentation, wine making operations, cooperage, physiology and sociology of wine, as well as health and legal issues.

Graduates receive International Sommelier Certificate and Silver Tastvin.
Level 2 Certified Sommelier:

Gastronomy level Sommelier Course & Exam $2,675.00

Gastronomy / Wine & food paring 
Match food & wine with professional skill , learn the art of decanting and table service. An impressive group of wines matched perfectly with some of the best food choices available.
Multiple Blind tastings and written exam required.
Graduates receive International Sommelier Certificate and Silver Tastvin with ribbon.
Level 3 Oenology course:

Highly advanced Sommelier Course and Examination $2,785.00 
An intense understanding the many and varied aromas associated with wine appreciation communication. Use of aroma kits and multiple blind tastings are tools that will sharpen your wine sensory skills on the highest level.
Graduates receive International Sommelier Certificate and Gold Tastvin with ribbon.

Specialty Classes and Awards

The Art of Sparkling wines How sparkling wines are made and quality VS price.
French Champagne / Spanish Cava / Prosecco & Franciacorta / German Sekt
3 hour class $325.00
AIS Level 1 Basic Italian wines
Learn basic Italian wine laws, history, regions, grape varieties, and wines.
This is a 6 part course with written test.
6 classes 3hrs a class. $1,475.00
AIS Pin and certificate with silver tastvin at graduation.
Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino
Learn everything about Brunello di Montacino
The Brunello di Montalcino DOCG, the Rosso di Montalcino DOC, the Moscadello di Montalcino DOC, and the Sant'Antimo DOC are only and exclusively made in the territory of the Municipality of Montalcino.
This is a class for serious lovers of Tuscan wine and culture.
Certificate available after written test 20 questions.
3 hour class $500.00
Gallo Nero ( Black Rooster) Wines of Chianti Classico 
Learn Production codes and laws of D.O.C.G. Gallo Nero
The Black Rooster is the historical symbol that the pool of Chianti Classico producers has chosen for this famous wine. Indicatively, the Chianti Classico is produced in that part of Tuscany stretching between Florence and Siena namely the Chianti region.
Written test required to receive Gallo Nero Pin & Patch certification. 
3 hour class $300.00
Basic German Wine Class
Learn the basics of German wines, levels, history, and laws.
Qualitätswein mit Prädikat / Prädikatswein / Qualitätswein bestimmter Anbaugebiete 
Amtliche Prüfnummer - AP numbers & V.D.P.
Basic German wine certificate upon written test.
3 hour class $275.00
Der Grosse Ring

The Elite Estates of the Mosel Saar River wine region
Taste the best Germany has to offer with select estates of V.D.P.
3 hour class $575.00
Basic French Wines

Learn the basics of French wine and regional laws.
Les Vins de Pays 
Les Vins Délimités de Qualité Supérieure (VDQS)
Les Appellations d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC)
Basic French wine certificate upon written test.
3 hour class $175.00
Bordeaux Wine Guide

Advanced - Inquire for class
Taste Bordeaux first growth and petite chateau wines.
Learn and become an expert of the most prestigious wine regions of the world.
3 hour class $500.00
Burgundy Wine Guide

Advanced - Inquire for class
Taste Bugundy wines of the best wine producers.
Learn and become an expert of the Burgundy region.
3 hour class $300.00
Loire Valley Wine

Guide Advanced 
West side of the Loire Valley (around Nantes) :Muscadet 
Anjou Saumur :Anjou - Coteaux du Layon - Saumur
Touraine :Touraine - Bourgueil - Chinon - Vouvray
East side of the Loire Valley :Pouilly Fumé - Sancerre
Learn and become an expert of the Loire Valley 
3 hour class $175.00
Wine in Provence
Côtes de Provence - Bandol - Bellet
This AOC accounts for 75 percent of all wine produced in Provence, with 89 percent of production being rosé. The name of Côtes de Provence was a used for the first time in 1895, and the area was granted AOC status in 1977. As the best-known appellation in Provence, Côtes de Provence is known internationally as the source of the world’s greatest rosé wines. 
3 hour class $175.00
Cotes du Rhone Wine

Guide Advanced - Inquire for class
Wines from Côtes du Rhône 
Learn and become an expert of the Rhone region.
3 hour class $300.00
Languedoc Roussillon: 
The Languedoc region produces more wine than any other region in France and consists of more than a third of the entire country’s vineyard acreage. 
3 hour class $275.00
Alsace Wine Guide

AOC Alsace Grand Cru - AOC Alsace - AOC Crémant d'Alsace 
Learn and become an expert of Alsace wine.
3 hour class $275.00
Wines from South West of France

Cahors - Jurançon - Madiran - Bergerac - Monbazillac 
Learn and become an expert of these unique wines.
3 hour class $275.00

Basic Champagne Class

Learn the basics of Champagne The locations of the regions of Champagne has also played a role in the history of Champagne and in the development of the beverage that bears its name.

3 hour class $275.00

Regional Champagne Class Advanced

Advanced Learn everything Champagne
There are 3 main grapes grown in the Champagne region that include Chardonnay, which can be found in the Cote des Blancs area, Pinot Noir, which is found mainly in the Aube area, but also in Montagne and Reims, whilst the Vasllee de la Marne area is mainly comprised of Pinot Meunier grapes. 
6 hour 2 day class  $1,800.00

The wine regions of California
Learn the regions of Napa, Sonoma, Central Coast wines, history, and laws.
Basic California wine certificate upon written test.
3 hour class $200.00
California Advanced Class
Learn and become an expert of the most famous wines of the world.
Very limited and reserve wines: Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir , Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Ultra Blends 
3 hour class $550.00
The wine regions of Oregon
In just 40 years Oregon has evolved into a world-class wine growing state with 15 approved wine growing regions, and more than 300 wineries producing wine from 72 grape varieties.
Basic Oregon wine certificate upon written test.
3 hour class $175.00
Advanced wines of Oregon
Though, it wasn't until David Lett entered his Oregon Pinot noir in the 1979 Gault-Millau French Wine Olympiades and won top Pinot noir honors against France’s best labels, that the world started to take notice of Oregon as a serious wine making region.
Taste the best Oregon has to offer with unique wines and history and awards.
3 hour class $250.00
Basic Spanish Wines

Learn the basics of Spanish wine and regional laws.
Spain has a similar classification system to France and Italy, with all classified wine regions regulated under the Denominación de Origen (DO) system. Red wines are often labelled as Crianza, Reserva or Gran Reserva. In Rioja and the Ribera del Duero, Crianza wines are two years old, with at least twelve months spent in cask (elsewhere the oak ageing may legally be restricted to just six months).
Reservas are three years old (at least one year in cask), Gran Reservas five years old (two in cask, three in bottle).
Basic Spanish wine certificate upon written test.
3 hour class $200.00
Advanced Spanish Wines 
Taste and experience extremely limited and reserve wines of Spain with history dating back to the 1400s. Very Rare wines with intense an selection beyond the normal.
3 hour class $300.00
Advanced Spanish Wines Sherries  

By special request only - serious only please.....
Sherries come in a number of styles. These can broadly be divided into dry, medium or sweet.
Dry: Finois the most commonly seen dry Sherry, a flor wine generally intended for drinking young. Manzanillais a light style of Fino from Sanlúcar de Barrameda, a small fishing village on the Mediterranean coast. Amontillado is a wine left in cask until the flor has died and sunk to the bottom, the wine then darkening and taking on a more nutty character. Wines that are halfway between the Fino and Amontilladostages may be termed Fino Amontillado or Manzanilla Pasada. Oloroso is a wine which did not grow the flor yeast (the opposite of Fino), and it may be used as the base for medium or sweet Sherry. It may also be sold dry (Oloroso Seco).
Medium: The most common medium sherry is a sweetened Amontillado, but they may also be created from Oloroso wines.

Sweet: At their best these are made from Oloroso wines, sweetened with PX. In modern times they are just as likely to be poor Finos sweetened up with some Moscatel. Sweet Sherries made from just PX can be astounding. At the sweet end of the spectrum we also have the cream and brown Sherries.
3 hour class $350.00
Basic Portugal Wines

What makes tasting Portuguese wines so interesting is that the grape varieties are native to their specific areas. The names of grapes change with the landscape, so it’s helpful to think about these wines in terms of their grapes as well as their regions.
Basic Portugal wine certificate upon written test.
3 hour class $150.00
Advanced Portugal Wines Getting Serious - Port & Madira
Taste rare ports & Madira
The island of Madeira is a small outpost of Portugal off the west coast of Africa, which produces a fortified wine based on the Sercial, Verdelho, Bual and Malmsey grapes. It is made in a similar style to Port, with the addition of grape spirit causing cessation of fermentation.
3 hour class $300.00
Basic Australian Wines

Learn the basics of Australian wine and regional laws.
In 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip arrived at Sydney Cove he bought along Australia’s first grape vines from Brazil and the Cape of Good Hope.
Chardonnay, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon are the top 3 varieties crushed.
Basic Australian wine certificate upon written test.
3 hour class $250.00
Advanced Australian Wines 
Taste and experience extremely limited and reserve wines of Australia.
Biological farming is a phrase to describe biodynamic and organic farming. 
Both use innovative, non-chemical techniques for farming in harmony with the environment and providing nutrient rich, healthy soils from which healthy produce is grown.
3 hour class $400.00
Basic New Zealand Wines

Learn the basics of New Zealand wine and regional laws.
A country now well known for its unique, intense style of Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand also produces some excellent Chardonnay and Riesling.New Zealand is now responsible for some good Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot based wines, but is also beginning to produce Pinot Noir of world-beating quality.
Basic New Zealand wine certificate upon written test.
3 hour class $350.00
Advanced New Zealand Wines 
This country is a study in contrasts, from dense forests to breathtaking mountains to rugged coastlines, so it’s no surprise that New Zealand offers a wide range of wine.
Taste special blends for trade only.
3 hour class $300.00
Basic Chile Wines

Learn the basics of Chile wine and regional laws.
Among the sub-regions of the Central Valley you’ll find Maule, Maipo, Rapel and Curicó, all of which produce a range of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc as well as Cabernet, Merlot and Carménère.
Basic Chile wine certificate upon written test.
3 hour class $250.00
Advanced Chile Wines
Taste reserve wines and unique blends for trade only.
300 cases produced a year. Limited production.
Chile’s climate is highly influenced by the cooling effect of the Pacific Ocean and the Humboldt current that begins in the icy waters near Antarctica and flows up the western coast of South America. Curiously, when the effect of the Humboldt’s cold current hits Chile’s northern coastline it produces clouds and fog, but little or no precipitation, which then contributes to making the Atacama Desert the driest on Earth!
3 hour class $400.00
Basic Argentina Wines

Learn the basics of Argentina wine and regional laws.
Argentina has eight principal wine regions, but Mendoza dominates, producing over 70% of Argentina’s wines.
Basic Argentina wine certificate upon written test.
3 hour class $250.00
Advanced Argentina Wines
Taste unique samples of special blends for trade only.
Wine production and consumption in Argentina dates back to more than 400 years ago, when the first specimens of Vitis vinifera were brought to America by the Spaniards in the early sixteenth century. Catholic priests who came to America planted vineyards around their monasteries so as to ensure the provision of wine for the celebration of Holy Mass.
Become an expert of cutting edge new world wines.
3 hour class $350.00
Basic South Africa Wines 
All wine grape varieties cultivated in South Africa belong to the species vitis vinifera, which were originally imported from Europe.
Around Cape Town is Stellenbosch, responsible for probably the Cape's finest red wines, although there are a range of styles produced here. Although responsible for less than a fifth of all wine production, it is undoubtedly the center of the South African wine industry.
Basic south Africa wine certificate upon written test.
3 hour class $250.00
Advanced South Africa Wines 
In 1973, with the introduction of the Wine of Origin System, South Africa's wine lands were divided into a series of official Regions, districts, wards and estates.
We have the oldest and select estates to sample along with unique blends and styles unknown to the US market.
3 hour class $350.00