Eugene Engel Bio

International Sommelier LLC

Eugene is an International Sommelier with an extensive wine education background with such credits as:

Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne Chevalier
Associazione Italian Sommeliers
Guild of Sommeliers
Certificate Deutsches Weininstitut German Wine Academy
Certificate De Merite Le Comite National De Vins De France
Member Caterina de Medici Gastronomic Society
Commanderie De Bordeaux
Eugene is National Sales Director of sales & marketing for:
Champagne CARBON 
Champagne Paul Goerg 
Champagne Napoleon 
Champagne Pol Couronne 
Champagne Edouard Brun 
Eugene has over 37 years of experience in fine wines and spirits.

Mr. Engel has traveled and studied wine in many of the best wine regions of Italy, France, and Germany, Napa Valley, Amador, California. He has worked extensively with many growers to insure the highest quality products are produced and maintained.

Eugene is responsible for the wine & spirit education programs for the trade, and works closely with the casino industry in Atlantic City and Las Vegas areas.

Mr. Engel has established a national importer and distributor platform, along with a network of the top retail and on premise accounts multi state.
His selfless dedication and strong work ethics are the key to his outstanding reputation among the trade.